Introducing the New HP PageWide XL 5100

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The New HP PageWide XL 5100

On 31st January, HP launched their new PageWide XL 5100 printers which speed up production and cut costs. Now you can print up to 20 A1 pages per minute with accuracy, durability, and vibrant colors – and you can even protect confidential documents!

Amazing Print Speed

With the PageWide XL 5100, you can print monochrome and color prints in an instant. Whilst many other large format printers can take up to 10 minutes to warm up, with the PageWide XL 5100 it takes only 28 seconds to produce your first page. Your whole project can be printed and folded in the time it takes other printers to just warm up!

Superior Print Quality

The XL 5100 prints with amazing accuracy. You can set a new technical document standard with crisp lines, 2-point text, smooth greyscales, and vibrant color, and see vivid color at breakthrough speeds for GIS maps or point-of-sale (POS) posters.

Reduced Costs

The PageWide XL 5100 can cut total production costs by up to 30%!

  • Print/scan/copy in monochrome and color with one single device—in a fully HP branded, supported solution.
  • Print monochrome and color technical documents at the same or lower cost than comparable LED printers.
  • See up to 5 times lower energy consumption than comparable LED printers.
  • Gain broad control over your printing costs and turn them to your advantage with HP SmartTracker software.

Secure Confidential Data

The PageWide XL 5100 contains a self-encrypting HDD with AES-256, Secure Disk Erase, and IPSec to help keep your confidential data safe.

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