HP PageWide XL Printers Redefine Productivity.

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HP Pagewide XL Printers do the job of two printers in one single device, providing monochrome and color prints at breakthrough speeds up to 60 percent faster than the fastest monochrome light-emitting diode (LED) printer.

Printers will enable reprographic houses, print service providers (PSPs), enterprise central reprographic departments (CRDs) and print corners to produce fast high quality computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and will open new business opportunities with geographic information system (GIS) maps, point-of-sale applications and posters.

Printing speeds of upto 30 A1 prints per minute, Smartsteam pre-flight job preparation and low cost colour printing enable operators to meet bottleneck deadlines and handle large complex print runs.

“Our large-format printing customers are continually exploring ways to improve productivity, streamline workflow and reduce costs, The HP PageWide XL Printers  deliver what our customers have been seeking for years, offering affordable, high-quality black-and-white and color output in a single device at the fastest speeds available.”

The HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer offering high-end production printing at revolutionary speeds up to 30 D/A1-size prints per minute as well as two 775 milliliter ink cartridges per color with automatic switching and up to six rolls – more than 3,900 feet (1,200 meters) – of media for sustained productivity.

HP Pagewide XL Printers are the perfect partner to keep up with even the toughest turn arounds. Challenge 1: Can we produce 12000 A1 prints in an 8 hour full day print run?

Streamlining large-format printing workflow increases productivity

The production printing market has traditionally been led by monochrome-only LED printers, requiring customers to also operate large-format inkjet color printers to address color jobs. The new printers consolidate workflow to deliver mixed black-and-white and color prints in half the time it would take to manually collate documents produced on multiple printers. In addition, a full portfolio of scanning and finishing solutions, including the HP Designjet HD and SD Pro Scanners and new HP PageWide XL Printer accessories, such as the HP PageWide XL online folder, top stacker and high-capacity stacker and a range of 3rd party accessories including a take-up reel and Fotoba in-line XY Cutter, enable customers to build efficient end-to-end workflows around HP PageWide XL Printers and free up the operator.

HP SmartStream software for HP PageWide XL Printers reduces time spent preparing and processing jobs by 50 percent. It also reduces reprints with native PDF management powered by Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3 and offers a true color print preview with interactive HP Crystal Preview technology to turn operator efficiency into operating profit.

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